# 1​(​XII​-​2015) - Probes (on improvising​-​beings​.​bandcamp​.​com)

by The Other Matter



released December 5, 2015

"Probes". Total length 10 hours, 32 minutes, 42 seconds.

Human technology has travelled 103.00 AU so far.
How far can we take the human mind though?
released December 5, 2015

Recorded from September 2013 to August 2015 at Studio IB.

Michel Kristof: electric guitar, effects, electronics.
Julien Palomo: Kurzweil K1000, MicroKorg, Farfisa VIP-233, Mellotron M4000, Mellotron MKVII, Solina String Ensemble, samples.

Artwork inspired by Takami Fujimoto's paintings.

Special thanks to Vinnie Paternostro, Jay Reeve, Ivo Petrov, Sonny Simmons, Ed Stone.



other matter Paris, France

Other Matter : Julien Palomo + Michel Kristof

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